Benefits of Virtual PBX

When a customer or business partner calls your company, he/she expects to listen to a voice on the other side of the line and that may transform the relationship between you two. By the moment someone says hello, an implicit confidence pact is established saying that the situation that originated the call shall be heard.

Think on breaking that confidence by a phone ringing, and ringing, but there is no one to answer it. That happens when the PBX of your company does not follow your team, when there is a succession of problems that let you constantly down or when the customer must wait a long time and receives no answer.

That is the risk a traditional PBX brings to your business. But have you ever thought about the advantages of migrating your telephony system to a virtual PBX?

In this article, we shall address some insights which shall benefit your business by migrating from physical technology to the technology in the cloud.

Trade that never sleeps

Is your business ready to follow the market trends? When your customer wants to clarify doubts to take a purchasing decision, is he/she going to be able to talk to your company?

Speedy digital transformations for which we went through over the past years have prescribed the consumer’s behavior. One survey executed by Sebrae (Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies) on 2021 consumption trends showed that consumers want to make their purchasing any day at any time, even in physical establishments. That is the trade that never sleeps.

One of the advantages of having a virtual PBX is that it follows your sales force wherever it is, at any moment of day. Another relevant point is that, even being a telephony system, it is possible to answer calls via chat or videoconference.


One of the great problems faced by who has physical PBX is maintenance! It is recurring, affecting the team productivity once it precludes both external and internal communication of the company. In addition to that, it generates high expenditure to the entrepreneurial budget because it is no cheap to maintain traditional telephone system equipment. In addition to that, it generates high expenditure to the entrepreneurial budget because it is no cheap to maintain traditional telephone system equipment.

But this is not an issue for those who have Virtual PBX, after all, as operations are enabled via processes which occur in the cloud, there is no need for large equipment to be installed; it is necessary only one computer, a cell phone or a tablet connected to the internet. Even if one of those devices is disconnected, the PBX of the other devices shall still normally work.

Operations control

More than knowing if one extension is busy or not, with a PBX in the cloud it is possible to obtain information from end to end of the service, from the first hello to the farewell moment.

In this path, it is possible to know how much time it took to the customer to be served, who answered the call, how long it took, if he/she had to be transferred, and even who hanged it out.

Having all that data in the hands, in real time, enables the correction of faults and elimination of queues in services. It is possible to follow your team’s work and take decisions in a faster and more assertive way, increasing the efficiency of the service.

If the benefits discussed here did not convince you to migrate to a more modern telephony system, maybe it is time to talk to Callface team. Maybe, listening to the voice of our specialists you change your mind.

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