Virtual PBX for more human relationships

Click-to-call solution for you not to need to logout to make a call

Phone calls in one click

By integrating Callface to your SAP Business One, make sure you have a click-to-call full solution which shall optimize your business phone calls.

On a friendly and intuitive platform, the user does not need to logout to make unlimited phone calls, quickly and safely, to landlines and mobile devices from all over Brazil.

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More than just calls

Callface connects companies and people


Simple implementation and intuitive platform

Processes automation

Fast access to customers, suppliers, and employees in different screens of the system

Operation safety

Possibility of access restriction to numbers and records of answers

Financial predictability

Contracting of extensions with flexibility and fixed monthly fee

“More than just a communication solution, we developed this integration to ease daily activities for those who use SAP Business One. Now, it is possible to make calls through a Softphone integrated to the system, ensuring quickness and safety. Besides, you can count on Callface technology.”

Robson Cunha
Callface Innovation Director

Ensure data protection

Callface for SAP Business One s a partner so companies follow LGPD (General Data Protection Law).

Through the click-to-call functionality, the employee shall not have access to the phone number of the person registered, adding another level of protection to registered individuals’ information.

Furthermore, the integration enables the recordof all calls made and received, facilitating the access if necessary. Such records are stored in Ativy private cloud, even safer.

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