The future of telephony: is it possible that you are outdated?

Much before emails or social networks, telephone was one of the most important means of communication between companies, their customers and business partners. Over time, the only phone line was substituted by a physical PBX, then by digital one and, nowadays, many companies bet on cell phones to be capable of loosening their service.

But if you believe that this is the most modern telecommunication technology we have today to your business, I am sorry to inform you: you are outdated!

Are you interested to learn how to take your telephony system to the future? That is what we explain in this article! Have a good reading! That is what we explain in this article! Have a good reading! Have a good reading!

Anyway, what is PBX?

So that people can simultaneously use the telephone in a company, instead of contracting several phone lines, it is possible to contract only one line and extend it. That is what PBX is: a phone central which enables internal and external calls.

In the analogical model, the oldest one, it is only possible to make calls or transfer them between extensions. Furthermore, equipment occupies a large space in the company, increasing the implementation costs and, particularly, demanding permanent expenditures with maintenance.

Other negative points are high value phone bills and the necessity to be by the phone device side to answer calls.

A small step to PBX.. and to your company

Over the years, analogical PBX has been substituted by digital technology. Calls quality and stability improve and, due to the digital junction system, more lines can be incorporated to PBX.

From the new technology, it is now possible to limit the calls duration and to automatically select the lines. And, even still high, implementation and maintenance costs are reduced. Regarding bills, not so much! Another point without solution? It is still necessary to be at the office to answer calls.

Calls made from a digital PBX may even be transferred to cell phones, providing teams with mobility, but each device is one line to be maintained by the company. There will be bills and more bills to be paid.

Take your company to the clouds

If your purpose is to take your business telephony to the future – both from work and service – forget about physical PBX! The solution you are looking for is, probably, a PBX in the cloud.

The operation is the same, but it is possible to go beyond! As there is no need to have equipment installed at the office but in devices connected to the internet, virtual PBX enables calls to be made wherever and whenever necessary. This is great to professionals who work outside the office, travel on business or even to hybrid or home office work models.

Likewise, installation costs are far reduced, costs with maintenance cease and monthly fees are fixed. Other advantages are the possibility to integrate PBX in the cloud with CRM platforms or email and provide visualization, in real time, of the service flow with full monitoring reports.

Taking your telephony system to the future is a reality simpler than you think!

Call Callface and create increasingly human connections, even in digital times!

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